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High wire systems or box prune as it is known, need to be cut back every year once they achieve a certain level of maturity. At Acampo Machine Works we offer the Collard Box Trellis Pruner.  Either single or the custom mounted dual unit. The pruner's saw blades can be adjusted all the way down to a 8" wide box. The single unit is very light in weight (especially for winter operations) and mounts directly to the front of your tractor. Hydraulic and 12 volt electrical power is supplied by the tractor. Joystick controls will keep it on track with your row trellis.


For larger tractors or skid steer tractors we build a double row unit with two Collard modules.  Unit can be adjusted from 8 foot rows up to 11 foot.


At Acampo Machine Works we have a universal mount frame for pre-pruning bi-lateral and quad vineyards.  The frame can be configured with simple over-the row trimmers or with saws to cut extremely close to the vine.  We also have hydraulically actuated internal cutting arms that can be added.  These are two horizontal shafts containing up to 3 blades each.  This blades can be moved up and down to fit various internal cutting needs and will retract around grape stakes.  Our universal cutting system can handle sprawl and bi-lateral vineyards all the way up to a 42” cross arm.   All with the same machine.  We can mount single or double row units on any tractor, harvester, or skid steer.  Our skid steer mounting system uses the quick bucket disconnect for a fast couple or uncouple.


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acampo machine works

Your Vineyard equipment specialists

930 S. Sacramento Street  Lodi, California  (209) 334-5976